Public Security LLC - AIRPORT SECURITY ESCORTS - Chester, MD

Security Long Island

Our President is a former member of
The United States Secret Service

We provide security minded people to staff your needs in,

*Wheelchair Assistance

*Unaccompanied Minors Escort Service

*Electric Cart Drivers


*Courtesy Bus Drivers

*Meet and Greet Professionals

Airport Services New York Maryland
We are a Private Security Company, so we are extra vigilant in regard to Airport Services.

Airport Child Escorts New York Maryland

You can risk having a worker for a company that does not provide the kind of protection we bring to the table. Our employees are Licensed Security Officers in New York and Maryland.  If the company that you have in place does not have these credentials, would you have them escort your child?

Airport Handicap Escorts New York Maryland

The same applies to persons who need to be escorted because of their disability. Don' trust someone with lesser credentials to handle these tasks at your airport.

Airport Services New York

We will set your airport up for success. Just say the word!
Airport Services Maryland


(Jack B. Poage Field)

(Crisfield-Somerset Airport)

(Newnam Field)

Other public-use airports
(not listed in NPIAS)

(Hyde Field)


(Edwin A. Link Field)

Commercial service – nonprimary airports

(Richards Field)

Other airports with scheduled passenger service

Reliever airports

(Wallkill Airport)

General aviation airports

(Chase Field)

(Chenango County Airport)

(Damon Field)

(Tarantine Field)

Other public-use airports
(not listed in NPIAS)

and Seaplane Base

Notable private-use airports

We also provide Executive Protection Services to and from these locations.

Public Security LLC, let us protect what matters most!

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