Public Security LLC private security and investigation firm that is led by a former member of the U.S. Secret Service. We now provide armored car services that originate  in the State of Maryland.

We are are based in Queen Anne's County, Maryland and provide a wide spectrum of private security services for they clients Maryland-wide.

Barry Donadio who is the company President is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service. He provides trusted services for those seeking confidentiality and trust. The company is also seeking clients that require protected transport of legalized medical marijuana and dispensary security.

Public Security LLC staff is armed, licensed and insured in order to provide safe and effective private security services. We use Active off duty Police Officers, Defense Contractors, Military Veterans and other private Security Specialists. 

Public Security LLC encourages persons and businesses with private security needs to contact them immediately at 855-589-2267

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267


                INTEGRITY - CAPABLE 

         Our Company President is a former member of
        The United States Secret Service

Public Security LLC is a United States Veteran owned Private Security and Investigation Firm. We offer the highest level of trust and confidentiality in the private sector.  We provide Uniformed Security Guards, Private Investigators, Executive Protection Agents, Open Source Intelligence Agents. These four elements of the private security detail will team up am provide protection for your valuable assets. 

Give us a call and we may be able to provide money transport and escort services at a competitive rate of cost of your current armored car company.

If you need armored car services and money or valuable assets protective transports, call us at 855-589-2267.

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

According to Federal Law, there is a lot we can do for you and your company
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                                    Title 15. Commerce & Trade
                         Chapter 85--Armored Car Industry Reciprocity
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