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   Are you a U.S Government
       Employee Leaving On   
            Extended TDY?
Security Stevensville Maryland Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

   If so, you need someone you can trust to    
           handle your matters CONUS.

                We serve:
                                   DOD Employees
                              Intelligence Community
                                 Military Members
                    United States Government Employees
                         Top Secret Clearance Holders
                               Pentagon Employees

       We provide PCS and TDY deployment    
    Assistance Services in Virginia, Maryland   
                    and Washington DC

We provide trusted relocations services, errand services, pet care services and more for you and your family during your PCS or TDY.

Keep our phone number in your cell phone incase you ever 
need us 855-589-2267. We can also be contacted    
internationally on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

    We understand the obligations of top secret clearance     
      Staff and how to keep confidentiality. Simply provide 
      payment and tell us what to do with minimum details. 


Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 Public Security LLC 
Armed Security Services
Process Server

                 INTEGRITY - CAPABLE
Barry Donadio
www.barrydonadio.comPublic Security LLC 
Armed Security Services
Process Server
#security                                               Barry Donadio, President of Public Security LLC     

           Our Company President is a former member of
  Public Security LLC is a high end United States Veteran owned Private   
          Investigation / Security Firm. We offer the highest level of trust and confidentiality.  We provide Uniformed Security Guards, Private Investigators, Executive Protection Agents, and Open Source Intelligence Agents in the entire 
                      states of Maryland, Virginia New York and Washington D.C.

Private Investigator Maryland Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

We provide PERSONAL ASSISTANT SERVICES. This means that we are your designated representative for completing your personal matters before you depart on your TDY or PCS.  We handle your arrival back to conus also, making both ends of your PCS or TDY easy and smooth. 
PCS Property Management   Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
We can help you run errands and get things done.
*Secure a vehicle for you.
*Obtain a house for you.
*Obtain a furnished apartment for you. 
*Packing or helping with moving.
*Pet assistance.
*Even pick up the clothes at the dry cleaner.
*Represent you as a General Manager and protect your interests.
PCS Property Management Washington DC Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

What ever it takes to make your TDY departure or arrival smoother. What ever it takes, We got your back!
PCS Assistance services Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

PCS Government Employees  Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

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