Public Security LLC - EMERGENCY PROCESS SERVER - Chester, MD

         Process servicing by a trusted and experienced Process Server

Barry Donadio
President of Public Security LLC
Former U.S. Secret Service
direct cellular 202-631-1153

We provide court services, such as:
Process Server Maryland Public Security LLC 855-589-2267www.ssecurityy.comPROCESS SERVICE: We provide 24hr immediate Emergency Process Service. We guarantee all our work and we will stay with you on your case until you achieve desired results. We also keep your costs low by providing process service fast and efficiently, with no hidden expenses. 
FILING COURT PAPERS: We are here to do what it takes to get your case moving. We will file your documents at the court if needed.
COURIER SERVICES:For when the mail isn't fast enough. We can run errands for your office when needed. Just call!
INVESTIGATIVE SPECIAL SERVICE: Call us for your most difficult Process Serving requests and investigative services directed against the other party in the case.
ATTORNEY SERVICE:We work for our Attorney clients with the utmost discipline.  We know how important your case is.  That's why we take great care in every single case. We assist you with what ever legal service needed to complete your case. If you have any other special requests, let us know. We are here to serve you.

Process Service General Locations:
*New York                                 *Maryland
*Long Island                                        *Baltimore
*Suffolk County                                   *Annapolis
*Nassau County                                   *Silver Spring
*Southampton Town                            *Hyattsville
*East Hampton Town                           *Rockville
*Riverhead                                          *Fredrick
*Fire Island                                         *Kent Island
*NYC                                                   *Delmarva

*Delaware                                   *New Jersey              
*Wilmington                                        *Newark
*Dover                                                          *Trenton
*Middletown                                       *Jersey City
*Smyrma                                             *Elizabeth
*Milford                                              *Edison

*Washington D.C.                  *Virginia
Whether it be Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington D.C. or New York, we can save you time by contacting our affiliates in other states to get your documents served fast.
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Process Server Long Island Public Security LLC 855-589-2267