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                INTEGRITY   CAPABLE 

               Our company President is a former member of
                         the United States Secret Service

Barry Donadio USSS By Christy Bowe www.barrydonadio,com                                                    Barry Donadio Former U.S. Secret Service
                                                          President of Public Security LLC

Barry Donadio and Donald Trump www.barrydonadio,comWe provide effective and superior executive protection services in New York, Maryland and the Washington D.C. metropolitan areas.  

On call high risk Protective Security Agents (BodyGuards) are available for your protection at anytime.  

We can provide your own Private Protective Security Detail to protect you and your family in a moments notice.

We employ active off duty Police Officers, Former U.S. Secret Service personnel, Military Veterans with Military Police backgrounds, Defencse Contractors with and other highly qualified Security Specialists. 

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
Public Security LLC is a United States Veteran owned Private Security Firm. We offer the highest level of Trust and Confidentiality in the private sector.  We can also provide Uniformed Security Officer, Private Investigators, Executive Protective Agents of a high standard. 

USSS Barry Donadio Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of  Isreal www.barrydonadio.comBarry Donadio and Senator Marco Rubio

Barry Donadio and Dr. Ben Carson

Barry Donadio President Bush


Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.ssecurityy.comPublic Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.ssecurityy.com855-589-2267

We use unmarked and or marked security protective vehicles based on your needs. We have a selection of protective security vehicles that can be used at your wedding or event.

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.barrydonadio.orgUnformed Public Security Cruiser 
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors
For high profile security, escorts, motorcades, and access control to a venue

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.barrydonadio.orgUniformed Public Security Truck
Ford Escape
For high profile security, escorts, motorcades and access control to a venue

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
Unmarked Public Security Cruiser
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
For medium profile executive protection security, protective overwatch and security escorts

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 www.ssecurityy.comPublic Security Unmarked 
Executive Protection Sedan
Jaguar S-Type 
For bridal escorts, motorcades and Executive Protection service

                Other covert vehicles are available if needed for your event

In a world of domestic active shooters, terrorists and fundamentalists, you can't afford to take a chance not using Protective Agents from Public Security LLC.  

Use Public Security LLC for all your private security needs relating to close in protection, and  Executive Protection for Celebrities, Politicians, VIPS, Weddings and Business Leaders. 

New York                                           Maryland

*Suffolk County NY                                                          *Baltimore MD
*Nassau County NY                                                          *Rockville MD
*Long Island NY                                                               *Kent Island MD
*Queens NY                                                                     *Silver Spring MD
*Brooklyn NY                                                                  *Delmava MD
*Manhattan NY                                                               *Bethesda MD
*Bronx NY                                                                      *Annapolis MD
*Staten Island NY                                                          *Hyattsville MD
*Easthampton NY                                                          *Hagerstown MD
*Southampton NY                                                         *Bowie MD
*Riverhead NY                                                              *Westminster MD
*Upstate NY                                                                 *Cambridge MD

                AMAGANSETT  QUOGUE
                        KENT ISLAND

                           We also serve foreign sites overseas and war zones 

We recommend our bodyguards for the following people and occasions:

Because of their beatify and popularity, both male and female Models are vulnerable to victimization. Models should have a at least one trusted bodyguard / Protective Agent with them at all times during their performances and photoshoots.

We all know the dangers surrounding weddings and events before and after them. The potential for violence at weddings has been on the rise in recent years Many wedding establishments charge you for security as part of your wedding package, but have you checked the credentials of these Security Officers? Are they even trained to provide executive protection?  Weddings and especially Brides need a protective detail. They are most vulnerable while in a dress that restricts their movement. Give the gift of protection for a wedding. Don't ever have a wedding without having protection. 

Even at a town and or county level, Politicians are in need of private security for their protection. Politicians should always have a highly trained and experienced  Protective Security Officer with them while attending town halls, rallies, public speaking engagements and while on their campaigns. 

For obvious reasons, all Celebrities need a protective security detail where ever they go and at their homes. We offer confidential and trusted executive protection services to all Celebrities needing private security. Celebrities visiting Washington DC, New York and Baltimore, Maryland should contact us at once to arrange services. Call us company President Barry Donadio directly at 202-631-1153 or Public Security LLC at 855-589-2267

The news is often cluttered with disgruntled employees who take out their rage on their former boos and other work peers.  These are circumstances that sometimes can not be avoided, but you can be prepared by using our Protective Agents to be at any hostile termination hearings, business strikes or any other occasion you feel is needed. 

We have assessed that winners of the lottery are more in danger than anyone on our list of people we recommend for needing executive protection.  For example, winning 100 million dollars is a joyful thing, but there are many unseen security risks and problems ahead for that winner. Not announcing that you have won the lottery (Even to your family) is our first suggestion.  The moment you win a large sum of money you become a target to a criminal enterprise that may stop at nothing to victimize you.  You may also gain the attention of foreign criminal groups operating in the United States.  Not to mention every hacker and thief in your area.  If you have recently won the lottery or received a substantial sum of money, life will change for you. We are here to protect you for these dangers and many more. Contact us at once 

All people that have recently been on the news need a protective security detail where ever they go and at their homes. We offer confidential and trusted executive protection services to all Celebrities needing private security. Celebrities visiting Washington DC, New York and Baltimore, Maryland should contact us at once to arrange services. Call us company President Barry Donadio directly at 202-631-1153 or Public Security LLC at 855-589-2267

Every death threat should be taken seriously until Law Enforcement and expert opinion deem it no longer a credible threat.  We can provide Armed Private Detectives and Security Officers to protect you at your home or your place of business.  We can provide protection on a temporary or permanent basis. We will coordinate with local Law Enforcement authorities to ensure your safety and security.  We cater to persons who have recently obtained peace, protective orders or orders of protection. 

A contested separation or divorce can lead to some significant security problems for you. We all know how some divorces can lead to criminal activity against the other party. We can provide you with armed close in personal security protection for the times you need it. We can also maintain 24 hour security protection of you and your home during these tense period in your life. 

                  UPDATE 2018

Former Secret Service Employee Has His Own Executive Protection Firm 
Public Security LLC Glock 17 Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
​The former member of the U.S. Secret Service, Barry Donadio has his very own private security company "Public Security LLC".

It is also a Private Detective agency and acts as his personal executive protection agency when needed by him or his clients.

Led by Barry Donadio, it is a premier private security and investigation company based on Kent Island in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. 

The company provides trustworthy armed and unarmed Private Security Guard patrols in the entire state of Maryland, District of Columbia and New York.

The Staff are very professional and not your usual security company. All are licensed and insured. Most are either off-duty or former Police Officers. Others are Military Veterans, Intelligence Professionals and Security Professionals.

The company maintains a staff of Attorneys and even a Physician who is a fully credentialed Private Detective with the company.

"Citizens see us out there protecting private property and our clients." said Barry Donadio.

"We are at the service of the community. Our Officers are devoted to a safe community and report criminal activity to local law enforcement authorities." "We do keep a vigilant eye on businesses and homes while we are on the road. We report crimes to the Police even if the business is not our paying client. This is because we have a duty to act in the best interest of the public safety and order."

Mr. Donadio also said; "My company is always there for those who need us" " We are sensitive to our clients needs and are an effective means to deter criminal activity."
Public Security LLC has proven themselves to be a seriously capable company. In 2015, they proved armed security in the most violent locations of the Baltimore riots. They have provided executive protection to celerities and politicians in the area. Most recently, they successfully provided security for the 22,000 participant 10k bay bridge run.

Public Security LLC has taken interest and an empathetic stance towards local concerns. They have focused their customer services on community needs.One such venture that has never been done before was to have their staff trained to use Narcan. This is a drug that can be administered to persons who may have overdosed on opioids. The training was given in an effort to please public concerns regarding the heroine epidemic on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Public Security LLC will also seek training for its staff to identify animal abuse and neglect. Local citizens have raised concerns regarding the subject and Public Security LLC will do its part in pleasing the public. Public Security LLC Officers are armed in order to protect their clients and their assets. Vehicles are fitted with dashboard camcorder and Officers have body camcorders.When criminal activity begins the videos begin recording. Then videos are then taken to the State's Attorney for criminal prosecution.
Public Security LLC has taken an active interest in supporting Police, Fire and EMS First Responders. Whether it is social media, political or moral support, the company backs, respects and values our local First Responder Heroes.

Public Security LLC also trains citizens with firearms and they can provide the classes required for obtaining handgun qualification licenses (HQL).

The company maintains a sub-station at 203 Romancoke Road, Suite 90, Stevensville, Maryland 21666 (Kent Island). Clients can visit by first making an appointment.

855-589-2267 Public Security LLC

Public Security LLC Called On To Protect Alveda King, Niece Of MLK 
Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

In June of 2015, while Baltimore was still recovering from the Baltimore protests, the streets were still tense and ready to potentially erupt again at any moment.

Civil leaders like CL Bryant where hitting the streets trying to reach out to the people of Baltimore to show support by bringing positivity during the tense time.

Nicolee Ambrose, who is Maryland's National Committeewoman with the GOP had a mission. She brought a well known Republican named Alveda King to help the GOP reach Baltimore residents and show support.

Alveda King is a Republican, American Activist, Author and former State Representative for the 28th District in the Georgia House of Representatives. She is also the niece of Martin Luther King.

Nicolee had one problem, she needed to get Aleveda King to the most dangerous areas of the city safely. Thats when she called on Barry Donadio and his Private Detectives to provide executive protection to her guest.

Barry Donadio is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service and the CEO of a high end private security and investigation firm called "Public Security LLC". His firm is licensed in Maryland , Washington D.C. and New York. His company even services war zones. They pride themselves on professionalism and maintaining confidentiality for their clients.

Barry Donadio said "We were proud to protect Alveda King during her visit to Baltimore. She is a kind and caring person who had a genuine compassion for the residents of Baltimore."

After the safe departure of Alveda King, Nicole Ambrose had much to say about Barry Donadio and his firm. She described his firm as being "Top notch" and "Consummate professionals". Nicolee also said " Barry Donadio's executive protection team handled itself with ease in one of Baltimore City's most dangerous neighbors". She ended by recommending Public Security LLC to anyone seeking except security and protection at any level.

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267