Public Security LLC - FUNERAL SECURITY - Chester, MD
      Funeral Security, Escorts, Motorcade     
       Support, Honor Guards, Bodyguards, 
                       Traffic Control
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                INTEGRITY - CAPABLE

         Our Company President is a former member of
      The United States Secret Service
Public Security LLC is a high end United States Veteran owned Private   
      Investigation / Security Firm. We offer the highest level of trust and confidentiality.  We provide Uniformed Security Guards, Private Investigators, Executive Protection Agents, and Open Source Intelligence Agents in the entire 
                      states of Maryland, New York and Washington D.C.

Funeral Security Baltimore
We provide discreet Funeral Security during your difficult time. 
There may be someone that you do not want at the funeral of a loved one.  Possibly, you may expect trouble.
What ever your personal reasons are, we are here to help.
We can protect you and your family during the funeral or act as an advocate during this tough time. What ever we can do to ease the burden, we will do for you.
Our services during a funeral are not limited to security. We can run errands for you and do what it takes to run things smoothly. We can also provide your loved one with an Private Honor Guard in suit and tie or uniform.

Unformed Public Security Cruiser 
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors
For high profile funeral security, escorts, motorcades, and access control to a venue

Uniformed Public Security Truck
Ford Escape
For high profile funeral security, escorts, motorcades and access control to a venue

Unmarked Public Security Cruiser
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
For medium profile funeral security, protective overwatch and funeral security escorts

Public Security Unmarked 
Executive Protection Sedan
Jaguar S-Type 
For funeral escorts, motorcades and Executive Protection services

              We provide the security that you need to be safe and secure.
Funeral Security Escorts New York
New York                        Maryland

*Suffolk County NY                                              *Baltimore MD
*Nassau County NY                                              *Rockville MD
*Long Island NY                                                   *Kent Island MD
*Queens NY                                                         *Silver Spring MD
*Brooklyn NY                                                      *Delmava MD
*Manhattan NY                                                   *Bethesda MD
*Bronx NY                                                           *Annapolis MD
*Staten Island NY                                               *Hyattsville MD
*Easthampton NY                                               *Hagerstown MD
*Southampton NY                                               *Bowie MD
*Riverhead NY                                                    *Westminster MD
*Upstate NY                                                        *Cambridge MD

               Washington DC