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      Handgun Qualification License HQL.

Avoid long wait times when you re-qualify.  We have Certified Maryland State Firearms Instructors to train you to where you want to be.  We also provide the 16 hour class for pistol permits.

April 15th 2017 HQL Class 


                                 STUDENTS: READ ENTIRE MESSAGE BELOW:

Public Security War Fighting will be providing HQL training for $70 per person. This training is required for those seeking their HQL. This is required to have in order to buy a pistol in the State of Maryland. The class is a required 4 hours long, followed up with shooting at least one shot from a pistol at the range. Payment in the form of cash or a check is due prior to class by sending to Barry Donadio or Public Security LLC, 1831 Anchorage Drive, Chester, MD 21619. Payment must be recieved PRIOR to the class in order to reserve a seat in the training. There are no refunds. 

You are required to have your own transportation to the shooting range. We are not authorized to transport students to the range. 

This facebook event page is not necessarily accurate depiction of availability. 

Class is very informal and relaxed with no pressure or stress. Round table atmosphere. Bring coffee and or food. Comfortable clothing and good spirits. Sharing personal experiences during class encouraged. 

Barry Donadio, former U.S. Secret Service, will instruct the class and gear it towards self defense / combat shooting. Please Facebook friend him so you can send him your cell number to hold your spot in the class.

Class begins at:
8am to 2pm at 203 Romancoke Rd., Stevensville, MD Suite 90

Immediately after class we will go to "On Target Shooting Range" located at 2618 Annapolis Rd, Severn, MD. If we are able to use a range in Church Hill or Ridgely, we will use one of those ranges. This is based on availibility. 

We hope to be done by 2pm but may be longer, depending on wait for the shooting range. We will need to be contacted ASAP so we know who is coming. Classes fill very fast. Participants must arrive on time to receive credit for the training.

Once training is complete, fill out your HQL application online at the Maryland State Police website. It is important to let us know when you completed your application, so we can give you credit for taking the class on line. Students needed a letter from us proving class completion may request one from us.

Fingerprinting is the responsiblity of each student. Based on Live Scan availibility and size of class, we may have a mobile fingerprint unit service the class at an extra expense or allow time for students. 

This is the Instructor number that needs to be submitted to the State Police with your application.


This training will be given on periodic basis. Check with us for other classes.

You may contact Barry Donadio directly on his cell phone at
202-631-1153 or email


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