Public Security LLC - MARIJUANA SECURITY - Chester, MD
   We Provide Security For Legal Medical    
     Marijuana Crops And Dispensaries  

Private Security Vehicle , Public Security LLC 855-589-2267


         Our Company President is a former member of
        The United States Secret Service
Public Security LLC is a high level United States Veteran owned Private Investigation / Security Firm. We offer a high level of trust and confidentiality in the private sector.  We provide Uniformed Security Guards or plain clothes, Private Investigators, Executive Protection Agents, and Open Source Intelligence Agents to protect your assets.

    If you need trusted security call us at 855-589-2267

For your legal dispensary or harvest site:

*We only use Protective Agents that do not use drug and will be tested for use.
*We will use Protective Agents that have Law Enforcement, SWAT and Military experience.
*We will use an armed force of Protective Agents for all of your private security needs.
*We will deploy numerous marked and unmarked security vehicles for your needs.
*We will deploy drones to increase the security of your site if needed.
*We will assign a Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) to your site based on your needs.

Public Security LLC is a trusted company ready to serve you.

*Protection of Marijuana harvest sites
*Marijuana protective escorts
*Surveillance operations
*Intelligence operations
*Deployment of asymmetric security methods

Public Security LLC Patch June 11 2013 Hi-Res

Public Security LLC vehivle at the 2015 Baltimore Riots

Public Security LLC Cruisers at Penn. and North Streets in Baltimore City during the Riots / May 1st 2015