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Public Security LLC is a high profile private security and investigation firm licensed in Maryland. 

Do you need trustworthy professional Security Guards to protect your assets? 

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Public Security LLC 855-589-2267


      We provide private security patrol services across the entire state of Maryland

        Our Company President is a former member of
     The United States Secret Service
Public Security LLC is a high end United States Veteran owned Private   
      Investigation / Security Firm. We offer the highest level of trust and confidentiality.  We provide Uniformed Security Guards, Private Investigators, Executive Protection Agents, and Open Source Intelligence Agents in the entire 
                      states of Maryland, New York and Washington D.C.

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*Security Guard Patrols                                *Parking Enforcement
*Private Investigations                                  *Celebrity Security
*Executive Protection                                    *Event Security
*Process Serving                                           *Traffic Control Services
*Intelligence                                                  *Negotiations 
*Anti-Terrorism Consulting                            *Military Strategy

We use Off-Duty Police Officers, Active and Former Military Personnel, Former Intelligence Officers, Former Secret Service, Experienced Defense Contractors, Licensed Private Detective and Licensed Security Officers

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
Private Security In Maryland Like You Never Seen It Before

The good citizens of the community were not the only ones to notice the charity and good graces of the small church in Hyattsville, the criminals also noticed. Parishioners were getting mugged walking from the front door of the church to their car with their new gifts. Crafty criminals even attended the services of the small church. If the criminals didn't win the door prize that they wanted when the church gave out prizes, they tried to take the newly given gift away from the recipient right there in the church during services.

He formed the company after serving an honorable career in multiple agencies. He knows what he is doing when it comes to deterring crime and anti-terrorism.
"Mission accomplished in Hyattsville!", said Mr. Donadio. "Criminals have a choice when dealing with Public Security LLC. "Get charged, get arrested and get ultimately incarcerated or they can move on and away from our clients and their assets. We are ready for what ever decision they make." "If they perpetrate a crime, we will move to have them prosecuted."

After the introduction of this company into the complex issues of the church, there were no longer any problems. No more robberies and no more crimes. Parishioners were able to practice their faith safely without any worries.

Public Security LLC has protected many large scale events, churches, businesses and even homes. They even have clients that use their private executive protection services that mimic the Secret Service.

Public Security LLC maintains a sub-station at 203 Romancoke Road, Stevensville, Maryland 21666. Staff have advised that access to the sub-station is by appointment only.
Public Security LLC March 27th 2016 Hyattsville MD