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Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 kentislandsecurity.comWe offer armed and unarmed security for schools and colleges in Maryland and New York.  We implement serious tactical protective solutions for your campus. 
We use active/retired Police Officers, Military Veterans, Defense Contractors, and private security professionals to keep your school safe. 

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              Our company President is a former member of
                         the United States Secret Service

Barry Donadio USSS By Christy Bowe www.barrydonadio,com                                                    Barry Donadio Former U.S. Secret Service
                                                          President of Public Security LLC

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 kentislandsecurity.comAttacks are more and more frequently coming from a lone gunman.  We predict a steady increase in these types of occurrences and we will be are ready to meet the demand to protect our most important assets, our children. You need armed security at every school in order to engage terrorist or lone gunman attacks. Call us now. 855-589-2267
Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 kentislandsecurity.comA Public Security LLC response consisting of Armed School Security Officers is the the solution. We provide all the security essentials that you need to have a  safe and secure school.

New York                           Maryland

*Suffolk County NY                                  *Baltimore MD
*Nassau County NY                                  *Rockville MD
*Long Island NY                                       *Kent Island MD
*Queens NY                                             *Silver Spring MD
*Brooklyn NY                                           *Delmava MD
*Manhattan NY                                        *Bethesda MD
*Bronx NY                                               *Annapolis MD
*Staten Island NY                                    *Hyattsville MD
*Easthampton NY                                    *Hagerstown MD
*Southampton NY                                    *Bowie MD
*Riverhead NY                                         *Westminster MD
*Upstate NY                                            *Cambridge MD

Engaging an armed attacker in the first moments of an attack will greatly reduce the risk of casualties to the children.  This affords valuable time for victims to run, hide and escape the attack and survive. 
Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
We will meet with you so we can present our unmatched credentials to your school Board of Education. Then we can move forward in formulating a plan that will provide the best plan of security for your school.
Public Security LLC 855-589-2267
We can also sit on your board of Security Advisers and act as an expert on matters pertaining to security and Anti-Terror planning.
Public Security LLC 855-589-2267

Public Security LLC 855-589-2267