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    Traffic Control Services

We provide Traffic Control Officers and Flag Persons for your construction zone, private event or private venue. 

Public Security LLC is a private security and and investigation firm led by a former member of the U.S. Secret Service.  We are licensed in Maryland, the District of Columbia and New York. 

If you need flag persons for a construction zone, consider using Public Security LLC. Our prices are competitive and you will not have a drop in standards or professionalism.

We use law enforcement type vehicles to provide traffic control services for all your needs.  We can also provide wide load escorts and road or parade escorts. 

The benefit of using Public Security for traffic control, Flag Person needs and parking enforcement is that our staff are licensed, insured, blinded and credentials private Security Officers and Private Detectives.  This provides our clients with an extra level of competency, trust and integrity. Call us 855-589-2267


Public Security Vehicles


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