Public Security LLC - HEALTH & WELFARE CHECKS - Chester, MD
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We provide health and welfare safety checks 

         Always first contact your local Police for health and welfare checks.

       For constant repeat scenarios and checks that do not rise to the level of            
                contacting the Police for response, use Public Security LLC

When family members and or friends become worried about the well-being of a person they can contact us for a check to provide consistent checks.

Persons that may require health and welfare safety checks and inspections:

Autistic persons
Mentally challenged persons
Some Veterans
Elderly persons living alone
Group homes
Any persons requiring checks to check them safe and healthy

         When the well-being of an individual is in question, we can respond.

  Welfare checks have been known to save the lives of older or sick individuals.  

         We House Watch

We also provide house watching for unattended homes in 
                           Maryland and New York