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Barry Donadio in 2009 while in the U.S. Secret Service Emergency Response Team (U.S. Government photo)

Barry Donadio 

Founder of Public Security LLC

A Private Detective for all your needs

Barry Donadio is a famous Private Detective, Author and decorated veteran who has led an adventurous life. Born in Bay Shore, New York, he served honorably in the military, law enforcement, and the U.S. Secret Service, protecting Presidents Bush and Obama in the White House. Donadio received numerous medals for his military service, including the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. After founding the prestigious security firm Public Security LLC in 2013, Donadio became a published author. His book "TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account" recounts his actions during the 1996 crash, and his historical fiction novel "That Day When Hell Froze Over" followed in 2019. Donadio was elected to the Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee in Maryland in 2014 and appointed Sergeant at Arms of the Maryland Republican Party in 2017. He continues to serve the Republican Party today in that capacity. In 2022, New York awarded Donadio the Medal for Merit and the Conspicuous Service Star for his military service decades prior. He has since published several more books on New York family histories. Donadio's varied career and selfless service has led to national fame and recognition.

Personal Bodyguard

National  Security Consultant

Executive Protection

Private Investigations

Overseas   Protection

Security Consultant

Security Force Provider

With the police being defunded and officers resigning in droves, you may have noticed a decrease in services and longer response times. We do not anticipate a change anytime soon. Therefore, you should consider coming under our protection as our client. You never know when you will need us in the future.


Public Security LLC is a United States veteran owned Maryland licensed private investigation and security firm led by Barry Donadio (former member of the U.S. Secret Service). We offer the highest level of trust and confidentiality in the private sector. We provide Private Detectives, marked and unmarked security vehicles, private investigations, executive protection security, bodyguards and intelligence. We are ready to serve you at any time.


As Private Detectives;


We provide uniformed or under cover security teams to protect your home, business, event, and property when needed.

We act as personal bodyguards, protective detail, and escort for high-risk clients.

We protect your children and provide escorts for them when needed.

We provide consultation regarding security, investigations, intelligence, and national security.

We provide health and welfare checks and investigations at private homes.

We check on patients in hospitals and investigate the standard of their care.

We check on patients at nursing homes and hospitals. We are able to investigates their care.

We conduct investigations regarding animal abuse and neglect.

We can conduct complex surveillance operations on your behalf.

We can help you win a court case through conducting private investigations and working with your lawyer.

We can ever run errands and act as your trusted staff.


Barry Donadio

Lead Private Detective

Founder / President

Public Security LLC

Powers of Private Detectives in Maryland  

Authority to conduct an investigation that concerns:

1. a crime or wrong committed, assumed to have been committed, or threatened to be committed;

2. the identity, habits, conduct, movement, location, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, or character of any person;

3. the credibility of a witness or of any other individual;

4. the location of a missing individual;

5. the location or recovery of lost or stolen property;

6. the origin or cause of or responsibility for:

A. a fire;

B. an accident;

C. any damage to or loss of property; or

D. an injury to an individual;

7. the affiliation, connection, or relation of any person with an organization or other person; or

8. the activities, conduct, efficiency, loyalty, or honesty of any employee, agent, contractor, or subcontractor;

(ii) securing evidence for use before any investigating committee, board of award, or board of arbitration or for use in the trial of any civil or criminal cause;

(iii) nonuniformed personal protection; or

(iv) conducting an investigation to locate or apprehend a fugitive from justice, unless the person:

1. conducting the investigation is a property bail bondsman or licensed by the Insurance Commissioner of the State or a similar licensing body of another state as a bail bondsman;

2. is an employee of a property bail bondsman or a licensed bail bondsman for the purpose of locating or apprehending fugitives from justice; or

3. is authorized as an agent by a property bail bondsman or licensed bail bondsman in advance of the apprehension of a fugitive from justice.

Powers of Private Investigators in New York 

A Private Investigator is hired to obtain information regarding the identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, or character of any person or group of persons. A private investigator may also conduct investigations regarding the credibility of witnesses; the whereabouts of missing persons; the location of missing persons; the location or recovery of lost or stolen property; and the causes and origin of- or responsibility for- fires, libels, or losses.

Barry Donadio Is #StillServing The United States and Its People

As of April 14th 2022, U.S. Military Veteran Barry Donadio is #StillServing the United States of America and its people by promoting positivity in communities and bringing all Americans together under the VFW’s nationwide #StillServing Movement.

Barry Donadio Recognized By The State Of New York For Cold War Service 

On April 7th, 2022, Barry Donadio was recognized by the State of New York for his service in the N.Y. Army National Guard during the Cold War. The Adjutant General of the N.Y. Division of Military and Naval Affairs issued a Certificate of Recognition to Donadio 34 years after he joined the Army at the age of 17 

Barry Donadio Awarded Medal For Merit From The State Of New York

On March 30th, 2022 Barry Donadio was awarded New York State’s Medal For Merit by the Division of Military and Naval Affairs 20 years after he served in the military. The medal commemorates his honorable service in the Armed Forces and the State of New York.June 8th 2020-An interview with U.S. Air Force 

Train With Barry Donadio 

Barry Donadio Reflects On Events Surrounding September 11th 2001

June 8th 2020-An interview with U.S. Air Force Security Police Forces Officer Staff Sergeant Barry Donadio. What was it like during the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York?

Barry Donadio | AT EASE Magazine June 2020 Issue

Barry Donadio, the President of Public Security LLC is featured in the June 2020 issue of the U.S. military magazine AT EASE

Barry Donadio Featured In Kent Island Neighbors Magazine June 2020 Issue

On June 2nd 2020, Barry Donadio was described as a “pillar of pride” in the prestigious “Kent Island Neighbors Magazine in Maryland.

Barry Donadio Thanks Long Island First Responders For Coronavirus Pandemic Response

On April 28th 2020, Barry Donadio a TWA Flight 800 First Responder and Former member of the U.S. Secret Service during the Bush and Obama administrations, thanked today’s First Responders and asked them to save New York from the Pandemic.

Barry Donadio Receives Medal 17 Years After Military Service

On June 24th, 2019, Barry Donadio was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal (GWOT-SM) for his service while still in the military back in 2002.

Barry Donadio Appointed Sergeant At Arms Of Maryland’s Republican Party

In January 2017, Barry Donadio was appointed as the Sergeant at Arms of the Maryland Republican Party.The Honorable Dirk Haire, who is the newly elected Chair of the Maryland Republican Party and campaign counsel to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan appointed Barry Donadio.

Barry Donadio Briefs TWA Flight 800 Families At Moriches Coast Guard Station On 20th Anniversary

July 2016-Barry Donadio led events commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the downing of TWA Flight 800 on Long Island. The controversial crash occurred on July 17th 1996. There are still many people with questions as to why the plane crashed. Most people were attending events to remember their loved ones and friends.

Barry Donadio Calls For Positive Acts To Ease Racial Tensions

On September 28th 2016, Barry Donadio was interviewed by The Bay Times Newspaper of Stevensville, Maryland. When Reporter Doug Bishop asked him what could be done to ease rising tension in the U.S., Donadio replied “ Doing one positive act towards others outweighs a thousand negative acts. “

Barry Donadio Appears In U.S. Secret Service Recruitment Poster | April 2016

The United States Secret Service tweeted out a recruitment poster featuring Barry Donadio in April 2016. Barry Donadio is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service Emergency Response Team (ERT). He was stationed at the White House and travelled extensively on protective details to the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas. He also protected President Obama before he moved his career to the private sector. 

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