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                  We Provide Wedding Security On The Most Important Day Of Your Life

                                 Book security coverage for your 2024 Wedding Now 


When it comes to having security at your wedding, you can't afford not to have it.

We provide wedding security in the entire states of New York & Maryland.  We provide protective security officers and security motorcade follow for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, events leading up to and after your wedding. 


It is not enough that your venue offers some type of security. We take you to a higher level of protection by offering personally assigned bodyguards to the bride and the groom in addition to the overall event security.  Once our bodyguard is assigned to protect you, they never are far or lose sight of you for the entire event.


You can't leave anything to chance on the most important day in the life of a bride or groom.


Wedding Security Customer Service 



More and more couples are wanting their own private secret security for their wedding and rehearsal because of new and emerging threats.  

In today's times, brides will need to have their own Security close by to protect them and make sure everything goes smoothly.  Security that is provided by the event venue is usually inadequate for your needs. 


One of the best gifts you can offer is safety and protection during their wedding. Couples want to feel like royalty by having protective security agents with them during their most important day.


Exterior security, simple background investigations on participants, or an entire Protective Security Detail with private detectives and motorcade support are all at your disposal. 


No matter what your needs, we can provide what it takes to keep you safe and make you feel like royalty on your wedding day.


Why take the risk ?


We will work with your wedding planner to give you everything you want and need. 


Whether it is a jealous ex-girlfriend, family feud or you just feel you need protection, better to be safe than sorry


 Call us now 855-589-2267 


Our company president is a former member of the United States Secret Service. He plans and oversees every event


Consider the following for your wedding:


An entire Bridal Protective Security Detail 

Exterior Security Officers / Parking lot 

Bar Area Security Officer

Gift table Security Officer

Wedding Crasher Security



We have a selection of protective security vehicles that can be used at your wedding or event.


Uniformed Public Security cruisers 


For high profile security, escorts, motorcades, and access control to a venue

For medium profile wedding protective overwatch and  security escorts

executive protection luxury sedans


For bridal escorts, motorcades and executive protection


News:  A bride and groom explained to us how they were victimized at their own wedding. The wedding was wonderful, until the end of the evening.  The catering hall Manager said that they owed additional fees for the reception.  The groom didn't understand why.  The couple did not realize that 2 people that were not on the guest list. The crashers decided to eat and even dance it up a bit during the reception.  The wedding crashers helped themselves to $200 worth of food and who knows what else.  They only stayed long enough to eat, dance and never be noticed to be out of place by anyone at the reception.  Scary?  After the couple received the extra bill, they reviewed their photos of their reception.  There were crashers. They can be seen in the photos dancing it up and having a great time.  Their deception was a complete success. This happens a lot more than you think.  Most incidents are never reported to the police. Now, just think if those wedding crashers were a violent threat and not just thieves.  You can't afford to take that chance on the most important day of your life.

 Short notice arrangements can be accommodated.



We also recommend that you allow us to provide Bridal protection for the days leading up to the wedding.  This is due to increased incidents occurring the night prior to weddings.


Anytime a lady is in a wedding dress, she is more vulnerable and has restricted movement.  They need complete protection during these times.


Do not go near open bodies of water, fires or near any places of increased danger.  Honeymoon Security should also be addressed. We can provide that service if you so desire. 


See us in & LI

                              Maryland Private Detective Agency License # 106-4352

                  New York State Private Investigation Agency License #11000165760

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